Bitch of Rome Entertainment is a fan-based, non-profit celebration of fandom through the creation of epic music video remixes with a strong focus on action and chicks kicking ass! All videos are the work of vidder Xena Torres.

So crank up the volume and experience your favourite TV shows and films like never before!

Also home to Xena: Warrior Princess full episode transcripts and the Penny Dreadful alternate ending, "Wail of an Ebbing Tide."

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Do you take requests?
Usually, but I won’t make a video I am not into. Requests are more likely to be accepted if they are action/drama based. Sappy love requests are less likely. I make no promises in terms of time frame: I make the video when I make it. I tend to do requests in the order they are received. You can submit your request via the contact form.

Are you going to do videos for...?
I hope to make videos for most, if not all, of my favourite series and movies, but this isn’t going to happen overnight. I make videos as I am inspired to make them, as the right music comes along, the right video theme, etc. That said, if I don’t like the series/movie (or some aspect from it), then I won’t be making a video to it. You can check out the Bitch of Rome Entertainment trailers on the mashups page to get a feel for what you're likely to see. If you want a more direct answer, you can ask me via the via the contact form.

How often do you upload videos?
Whenever creativity sparks and I have the time to do so. This is a hobby, and I have a time-consuming job. There will never be a set uploading schedule for Bitch of Rome Entertainment. Keep yourself informed about uploads by following Bitch of Rome Entertainment on Twitter, and/or FaceBook.

Blocked videos/Ads
Unfortunately, I am at the mercy of YouTube and copyright holders (even though remixes are permitted under the DMCA and remixing/adapting has been the backbone of art throughout human history). With the death of, Vimeo’s restrictions on free accounts, and YouTube’s content ID system, videos get ads placed on them (never by me) and they get blocked in some countries. I will do my best to offer videos blocked on YouTube via Vimeo, or via reuploading to YouTube (works sometimes), but I have to adjust based on a very fast changing environment lately. I’ll do my best. I highly recommend using an ad blocker and VPNs. When in doubt, come here to find the video; I’ll either find a way to make it available or provide more information on what happened.

What about copyright?
Bitch of Rome Entertainment supports copyright law as it was originally intended: to protect creators from having their work stolen by others for financial gain that impacts the creator. Bitch of Rome Entertainment is strictly non-commercial; everything here is done for entertainment purposes only and is permitted under copyright law under fair use and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that permits video remixes. Bitch of Rome Entertainment supports the franchises it remixes and encourages others to do so as well through legal purchases (I'm very proud of my DVD/CD collection).

Can I use your work?
Don’t know why you’d want to since I am already remixing the work of others, but if you have a new way to mix it yourself, by all means, have at it. I would kindly request that you give credit and link back to the video on YouTube if you're posting there, or otherwise link to my YouTube channel or this site.

Disclaimer/s: Bitch of Rome Entertainment is a strictly non-profit, just for fun, celebration of fandoms, fan culture, and all around awesome stuff. All television and film footage and music are the copyright property of their respective owners. Bitch of Rome Entertainment claims no ownership of the original products and is merely creating video remixes for the sole purpose of entertainment, which are permitted under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (2015) and under Fair Use.