Wail of an Ebbing Tide is a fan fiction alternate ending to Penny Dreadful, written by Xena Torres. It re-writes the end of “The Blessed Dark,” then wraps up the series over six parts (‘episodes’).

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  • "You have made me interested in characters I had so little love and interest in before! It's the life your words brought to these characters. Bravo! If anything, you improved upon those characters a hundred fold!"

  • "You did a splendid job at keeping everyone in character from what we have gotten used to from the show."

  • "Definitely presents much more closure to the series."

  • "Absolutely mesmerizing and so emotionally raw and intense! Everything was jaw dropping! Made me cry, made anxiety and fear well up...that was perfection!"

  • "I loved it. It made my heart swell with happiness and break at the same time! It was beautiful."

  • "That is just downright creepy-ass-good-damn stuff."

  • "I am speechless! Love everything about it! Fantastic work! I am going to re-read it."

  • "I think you're an amazing writer. I absolutely love how you are able to exactly understand, right down to the last detail, these characters and their situations. You don't miss anything! And I could see how much passion you have for these characters. I very much enjoyed your story, your writing style, your ability to make these characters come to life, and your understanding of the story."

  • "All I can say is wow!"

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