Interview with Bruce Campbell

June 1998

Bitch of Rome How are you most like Autolycus?

Bruce Campbell: I'm very sarcastic, just not as bad.

BoR: Did you find it challenging to both act in and direct "The King of Assassins"?

BC: Yeah, heaps of homework, but when the smoke of battle clears, you find that the creative challenges are well worth it.

BoR: Do you have any plans for directing "Xena" in Season Four?

BC: Just did one - better skip on down to the web site for the details:

BoR: In "The Quest" when Autolycus says, "I paid for an hour." was this line in the script, or did you add it? Do you add lines often?

BC: That was added - we goof around a lot. Some lines get used, others go to the "bad line depository."

BoR: We know that Hudson Leick hated playing Xena. What was your take on playing the Warrior Princess?

BC: I enjoyed it. Any way to poke fun with and at Lucy and the character is A-OK by me...

BoR: What is your favourite "Xena" episode so far.

BC: Don't really have one because I'm still having heaps of fun. I have a place in my heart for "King of Assassins," but I'm pretty biased...

BoR: Of all the actors and actresses you've worked with on "Xena," who would you most like to work with again?

BC: To be honest - it sounds hoakey, but I haven't really had a bad experience yet. I get along very well with Lucy, Renee and Ted and all of the guest stars. It's a great experience.

BoR: What do your children think of the King of Thieves?

BC: They think he's a blow hard just like their old man!

BoR: What would you like to see for Autolycus next season?

BC: Just keep that fat, juicy dialogue coming. I'd also like to "cosey up" to Xena a little more...=)

A big THANK YOU to Mr. Campbell for the interview!