"How Dexter Should Have Ended v2.0"

Hate the last season of Dexter? Furious over the final episode? Livid over Deb's ending? Yeah, me too. So here's how it should have ended...
This is not a review or a discussion, but rather a re-cut of the 8th season into the storyline I would have preferred. I was of course limited to footage that actually exists, so it's not as full on the details as I wish I could provide, but I hope it offers something for Dexter fans to use to erase the actual finale from their minds.

*This is an updated version of my prior cut. Little tighter, little more artistic. And improved video quality!

**ORIGINAL EDITED BLOCKED WORLDWIDE: The original of this video has been plagued for years. It was removed from Vimeo some time ago for copyright. It was blocked in US/Canada due to one of the songs, which is what led to this re-cut (in which I also adjusted the clips to avoid being found by the auto system). Oddly, once I loaded this, the original was available again. Then, unfortauntely, with the release of the newest season, the original edit was blocked worldwide again for copyright. It's been removed and this is now the only available edit.

Released: May 26, 2020

Clips from: Dexter
Music: "What Are You," "The Link," "I Enjoy Killing," "Argentina," "Can't Be Saved," "Dex Kills Spelz," "About Lumen," "He's Gone," "Special," "Hannah Talks," "Deborah Loves Rudy," "Voodoo Jailtime," "Wink," "No Mistakes," "Dex Kisses Hannah," and "Blood Theme" by Daniel Licht, "Blood Theme for Piano" by Sonya Belousova, and "Blood Theme" (cover) by mklachu
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